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Are you looking to understand the value of your Honolulu home? You’ve come to the right place. Over the years, George K. H. Lau & Associates, Inc. is proud to have become the most trusted home appraisal company on the island, and we look forward to sharing our passion and expertise with you.

Our appraisers will take the time to survey your property carefully, consider its location and similar real estate transactions in the area. We will work hard to determine its value with every resource at our disposal.

To learn more about our expertise or to schedule an appointment today, please dial (808) 536-8651.

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Our experts know Honolulu like the back of our hands, and we’ve been working in this industry for many years. We know what the real estate market looks like and what property owners go through when refinancing their homes, reassessing their taxes, and getting ready to sell. We are the experts you need in your corner when you’re trying to gather logistical information about your residential property, and we’re more than happy to be of service.

We can offer a variety of residential appraisals, including but not limited to:

  • Single-family homes
  • Mobile homes
  • Semi-detached homes
  • Duplexes
  • Triplexes
  • Townhouses
  • Vacant land
  • Condos
  • High rises
  • Co-operative units
  • Cottages

No matter the nature of your property, we’re confident we can help you with the appraisal. Reach us to learn more!

Benefit from Detail-Oriented Home Appraisal Services

At George K. H. Lau & Associates, Inc., we don’t skip on the details – in fact – we know that paying close attention to detail is the only way to get a credible appraisal. We will ensure the services we offer are thorough, so the process is smooth when:

  • Determining property taxes
  • Evaluating assets
  • Calculating replacement cost appraisals for insurance purposes
  • Refinancing your property
  • Dealing with legal disputes in the case of divorce, familial issues, etc.

Flexible Scheduling from a Qualified Home Appraiser

We know that many of our clients lead busy lives, and we do everything we can to accommodate you. We are happy to schedule meetings on evenings or weekends and are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer two phone lines and an email address to contact day or night. Visit our contact page for more information!

Great Rates on Residential Property Appraisal

You don’t want to break the bank having your residential property appraised, and with George K. H. Lau & Associates, Inc. you won’t. We are happy to offer our valued customers competitive rates on appraisal services and will do what we can to work within your budget constraints.

If you have questions about your appraisal or if you’d like to receive a detailed quote, don’t hesitate to reach us.

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If you’re looking for unbeatable home appraisal services in Honolulu and the surrounding area, George K. H. Lau & Associates, Inc. is the only name to know. We are proud of the work we do and go above and beyond to ensure the complete satisfaction of every client.

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